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Our mission is to educate patients on their dental health and deliver quality care that fits their budgets. Meet Our Doctors

Experienced Dentists in Chicago

We understand your time is extremely valuable. We do everything we can to complete your visit in a timely fashion and ensure it’s as comfortable as possible.
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Our mission is to educate patients on their dental health and deliver quality care that fits their budgets. View Offers

About Us

Advantage Dental Care strives to provide the highest quality dental treatment at reasonable fees.

  • Our team of lead dentists in Chicago will take the the time to explain your needs and answer any questions so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.
  • We accept all PPO insurances, All Kids, and offer discounts for those without coverage.
  • Our offices are open 6 days per week. Call, email, or request an appointment online.

General Dental Treatment

Advantage Dental Care offers a range of general dentistry treatments from identifying tooth decay to root canals to dental crowns covering your oral health and dental hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry

From teeth whitening to affordable braces, our team of expert cosmetic dentists are there to educate patients on their dental health and delivery quality, affordable family dental care.

Preventive Dentistry

Our dentists work with you to help guide your brushing and flossing techniques to avoid cavities, gum disease and more. By ensuring the best dental hygiene practices we keep your smile bright.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at anytime. We’ll work with you to get your dental emergency fixed within 24 hours and prevent it going forward.

Patient Comfort

We understand many patients are not thrilled about visiting a dentist. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority during your dental treatment.

Our Dentists

We pride ourselves on being lead dentists in Chicago and our reviews stand by that. Our mission is to deliver quality, affordable family dental care across the Chicago downtown and metropolitan area.

At Advantage Dental Care…

We strive to provide the highest quality dental treatment at reasonable fees.

What Advantage Dental Care Patients are Saying

  • Advantage Dental is great. I took my children there for years until they became adults now I am here for myself I do not have dental insurance I’m paying cash they are there working with me which I greatly appreciate because when I did have dental insurance they didn’t take... read more

    Melissa Black Avatar
    Melissa Black

    I love this place. It's the first dentist my daughter has been comfortable with. She knows that she will be treated well.I would definitely recommend them.

    Rosalind Porter Avatar
    Rosalind Porter

    This is one of the best Dental offices around!!

    Dr Logan and staff (Especially Miriam) is VERY nice, knowledgeable, and professional. I have been here a few times and I feel very comfortable every single time. I will continue to come here for all my dental needs! Highly recommended 😁

    - Veronica Young

    Veronica Young Avatar
    Veronica Young
  • I have been coming here for years. All the staff here is great. They use to have a doctor that was awesome, but he's gone now. However, the new doctor is also great. I've seen her twice now and have no complaints. They can always squeeze me in with... read more

    Sara Rosales Avatar
    Sara Rosales

    After looking for a new dentist for my seven years old son we finally found it. The staff are very friendly and very helpful. Also, the place is very clean.

    Elsa Solorzano Avatar
    Elsa Solorzano

    My Primary Care Dentist is Dr Logan. Her and the entire Staff (too many names from the Front Desk to Dental Assitants to mention ) are some of the most incredible caring people of Dentist offices I've been to. They know exactly what you need, can pick... read more

    Christopher Muscia Avatar
    Christopher Muscia
  • I been going to this dentist for the last 10 years, i have never had a bad experience. Amazing people and Amazing dentist.
    I would 100% recommend this place. The work with your schedule and do an amazing job.


    Ana Almonte Avatar
    Ana Almonte

    The office is very spacious and welcoming. Damali the receptionist was so friendly and energetic. Dr.Jung is a great doctor and overall I had a great experience. I enjoyed the cleaning very much. Maribel and Maggie were friendly and very educational as well, they answered all my questions. I would... read more

    Jacqueline Salgado Avatar
    Jacqueline Salgado

    Awesome staff. They are very diligent in getting it done. Awesome experience.

    William Brower Avatar
    William Brower