Chicago Dental Office Locations

Advantage Dental Care offers a range of general dentistry treatments for oral health and hygiene. From identifying tooth decay to root canals to dental crowns, our team of expert dentists in Chicago are there to educate patients on their dental health and delivery quality, affordable family dental care across the Chicago downtown and metropolitan area. We also provide guidance in preventive dentistry services to stay ahead of these general dentistry needs.

Chicago Dental Office at 7300 N. Western Ave

Contact Us At:
  • Chicago, IL 60645
  • 773-338-8433
  • 773-338-8434
Open Monday through Saturday

Dr. QuaNeedria Logan, DDS
Dr. Katarzyna Zelichowski, DDS

Chicago Dental Office at 2020 California Ave

Contact Us At:
  • Chicago, IL 60647
  • 773-772-8001
  • 773-772-8033
Open Monday through Saturday

Dr. Jenny Jung, DMD
Dr. Matthew Phan, DDS